Fideso Accountancy Services Marbella believes that the optimal running of a company’s operation is based on Accounting. Through the knowledge obtained through it, the economic situation of the company debt, investment, and other data is available.

Fideso Marbella’s accountancy services include…

    • Organize company´s accounts and create an Accounting Plan adapted to a company’s needs and the information required by the company.
    • Give advice on how to keep accounts in accordance with current accounting rules.
    • Offer a periodic review of Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts. Give information on the company’s economic, accounting and tax situation.
    • Draw up company’s accounts in accordance with the data provided by the company by means of a method easily explained beforehand.
    • Draw up the following reports:

Balance Sheets.
Transaction Records
Profit or Loss situation

Balance sheets
Profit and Loss accounts
Statements of accounts and the related details
Economic, financial and tax reports


  • Close the accounts, draw up the Annual Accounts (Annual Report, Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets) and provide a proposal for profit distribution.
  • Complete the official accounting books and submit them to the Companies Registry (Registro Mercantil). We also record the Annual Accounts and the proposal for profit distribution.
  • Draw up the minutes books and attend two General Shareholders’ Meetings every year, as well as help prepare all the meetings that the company may require.
  • Balaance Sheet Consolidation.
  • Audit and special reports
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