Fideso Marbella’s History

Andre Goullet (1941-2006) who graduated in France as “Contables Superieures” and an expert at Court. Sold his offices in France to retire in Marbella. Shortly after he founded Fideso in 1980. With hard work and ethical professionalism Andre created what Fideso is today. Our firm Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella has evolved to bring together a large group of professionals with sound training and experience in diverse fields of business consulting. In this way we aim to provide comprehensive advice in a responsive and efficient manner with the up most confidentiality. Chances are the most successful businesses in Marbella you will come across are our clients and this is simply because they have full expertise at what they do and they want a consulting firm alike.

At Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella we take this opportunity to thank our clients for their business and trust they have given us for so many years, and thank them for their referrals that keep us growing.

Our team at Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella is made up of lawyers, economists, tax consultants and labour advisors. We directly collaborate with firms in other countries, such as England, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

We serve high net worth individuals and families with simple to complex real estate transactions. Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella is well known for successfully structuring and completing large complicated real estate deals for its clients.

At Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella we also serve companies with business in areas, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Insurance
  • Building
  • Telecom
  • Auto
  • Real Estate Investment Trust
  • e-commerce
  • Leisure
  • Real estate Management
  • Hotel Management
For all your Spanish legal, accountancy, tax and personnel matters in the Marbella area contact us at Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella