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Knowledge of business law is essential not only when a corporation is established but also before the birth of the company.

Civil Law

  • Advice, consulting, drawing up reports.
  • Arbitration, conciliation, agreements and transactions.
  • Drafting and formalities of all kinds of civil contracts, such as real estate purchases, tenancy agreements etc.

Commercial Law

  • Advice, consulting, drawing up reports.
  • Company Incorporation and Management.
  • Advice, drafting and formalities of all types of commercial agreements.
  • Advice on the company mergers, acquisitions and splits.
  • Drafting and formalities of all kinds of corporate operations (Increases and decreases in capital, changes in management bodies etc.)
  • Attending general shareholders’ and Board of Directors’ Meetings.

Conveyancing Law (Real Estate)

  • Advice, consulting, drawing up reports.
  • Comprehensive advice on all kinds of real estate transactions, consulting services for all civil and taxation issues
  • Advice, production and monitoring of development or works performance agreements.
    City planning.
  • Legalisation and adaptation of the legal and registration status of real estate.
  • Advice on financing of real estate transactions and by obtaining mortgages or other kinds of sureties.
  • Declarations of new works, horizontal division and drawing up the By-laws of the Owners Association.
  • Comprehensive advice on all kinds of questions or issues regarding horizontal ownership.

The Law

  • Advice, consulting, drawing up reports.
  • Design, creation and maintenance of international structures to optimise tax costs.
  • Advice on mergers, splits and asset reorganisation.
  • Appeals, administrative claims and Contentious-Administrative Appeals.
  • Advice on the tax repercussions of any kind of transaction or agreement.
  • Advice on cases involving Double Tax Treaties.

International Private Law

  • Probate procedures for foreign citizens living in Spain.

Family and inheritance Law

  • Advice, consulting, drawing up reports.
  • Drafting and formalities for all kinds of agreements and documents within the personal and estate scope of the family.
  • Drafting and formalities for all kinds of documents relating to inheritance law, such as wills, inheritance partition, etc.

Litigation proceedings

  • Attending and negotiating out of court settlements in any kind of dispute.
    Legal Counsel to attend proceedings brought before civil, criminal and contentious-administrative courts, at all levels.
  • Arbitration
  • Enforcement of Spanish and foreign court judgements.

Attending and acting in the Labour Courts

  • Advice on redundancy procedures.

Real Estate Law

  • Drafts, zoning agreements, contracts with other individuals involved (minority owners, tenants etc.).
  • Land division projects under differing arrangements. Estate Division.
  • Legal assistance in relation to administrative appeals and appeals against acts of the authorities.
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