Fideso Marbella – Other Services

  • Company Incorporation
  • Title of Ownership transactions (sale, loans, mortgage cancelation, heritage award, will, etc…)
  • Provision of companies for sale, and registered in their daily duties and tax, with the book trade duly legalized. Are made before a Notary residing in the city of Malaga, a member of the Ilustre Colegio Notarial de Granada, and registered in the Mercantile Register of Malaga.
  • Streamlining the process of obtaining the NIE.
  • Management of extrajudicial debt collection.
  • Day to day task relating to your property in general (recruitment, termination of supplies, debit payments, etc.).
  • Application and registration of Trademarks and Patents.
  • Advice on the handling the licensing of establishments, and any other city license or authorization requirements
  • Grants and ICO loans. Processing in obtaining grants and subsidized loans from the public administration and local banks.
  • Approval and renewal for the Driving registration certificate.
  • Financial advice through financial advisers and partners to obtain loans and mortgages.
For more information about getting your NIE or driving license in the Marbella area or any of the services above contact Fideso Tax and Legal Services Marbella
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